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hey nur aqilah najwa bt samlan.15 y/o.student of SMK RAWANG.samlan is my father's name and im his daughter.what im write,im typing is all about my is wonderful if you enjoy it.

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Friday, January 20, 2012


How your holiday?is it awesome holiday ever?okey,nonsense question.While im sitting alone in my bedroom,i just thought something that i miss.i miss to be a kid where i can wearing a "tocang" with a blouse and skirt "pendek".In that time,i tak payah pakai "tudung".my mum and my dad doesn't force me to wearing that cloth.

im still remember,when im being a kid, my parent always mandikan i dalam bathroom without a little shy,quickly i ran out from my bathroom while im shouting like this"nak,towel,nak towel.".I miss that moment so much.

After that, my mum quickly get the "tuala"for me and than,I wipe my body in front of my kitchen's door where the door widely opened.bayangkan betapa malunya aku?.

Now,all the moment cannnot be like before.Im grown up already.Im alredy reach my teenager age.Im 15 already.I love being kid <3

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