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hey nur aqilah najwa bt samlan.15 y/o.student of SMK RAWANG.samlan is my father's name and im his daughter.what im write,im typing is all about my is wonderful if you enjoy it.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

I love YoU,muhammad fitri azizi hairuddin.

Hey.Assalamualaikum.Im already being Muhammad fitri azizi hairuddin 's wife.HAHA.It's heard like,im making a joke right?yeah,im making a joke right now.Im still 15 y/o.Im still young and my future is still far away.Im not yet reach my ambition.My ambition is to be a scientists or to be an architect or maybe a lecturer.hopefully my ambition will be achieve one day.

Besides,I wanna be a good wife for my husband and my kids when Im already marriage to someone.haha.Big hope there.If you see at facebook,i have a relationship with someone that I love.Just see the picture below if you wanna know whose the lucky person.haha.lucky lah sangat?tada...
Muhammad fitri azizi is my glad to be his wife because he's a good boy for me.#fact:every people will  admit that their partner /couple is the best person in their life.The same things I do.I do admit him as my best,lucky person in my life and of course every couple hope the same things like me.Hopefully that our partner will keep us in the best possible.Amin~

I praise to Allah because he already gave this boy to me and InsyaAllah I will try to maintain our relationship till the end of our life.We are only able to plan but Allah determines everything about us.we just can pray after him supaya kita akan mendapat yang terbaik.


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