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hey nur aqilah najwa bt samlan.15 y/o.student of SMK RAWANG.samlan is my father's name and im his daughter.what im write,im typing is all about my is wonderful if you enjoy it.

saya awak.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

He is my new family.

Assalamualaikum.Like normal,just see the picture above.hehe.
Aku kenal "mamat" ni since bila entah,i forget the date.ahak3.cewah,date pun nak kena hingat kah?tak perlulah rasanya.Sorry bro because saya jadi pencuri sorry,i didn't  ask your permission before I upload it into my bloggie :D

He's my new adopt brother.Im happy to be your sister,bro eventhough im your adopt sister but im still proud to be your sister :)you're always make me happy .kau tahu tak,first day kenal dah tanya pasal my parent,auw~it seems like sincerely he want to be my friend.

After 2 or 3 days dia tak tegur aku,aku rasa something wrong somewhere.maybe dia tak nak ke kawan dengan aku but finally,he answered my,we 're chatting at the facebook.I like the way he treat me,the way he want to be my friend and you know what?he said,he doesn't have a girlfriend.oh my God!i can't believe me,he totally perfect .He's friendly and handsome.HAHA.that's based on my view.

Okeylah,I just update little about him.Tak larat nak type manyak-manyak.k,tada.


Arra Ahmad said...

yang diangkat jangan terangkat sudah..hehe

Nur Aqilah Najwa Samlan. said...

hahahahahaha.insyaAllah x kot.