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hey nur aqilah najwa bt samlan.15 y/o.student of SMK RAWANG.samlan is my father's name and im his daughter.what im write,im typing is all about my is wonderful if you enjoy it.

saya awak.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chewing gum.

Hye peps!auw!im proud to be myself lah,dear.If u see the picture above,that's my picture.I mean,i snap it just now and then i edit it.yeah,finally it be like that.HAHA.seronok main snap-snap.If you wanna know,i got that chewing gum from my little sister.My sisters collect their money and bought it for all of us (adik beradik kami).sumpa,sweet momment ever!thank you,dear lovely sista coz u've bought it for me too.aku terharu kod.then,untill now,aku xmakan-makan lagi chewing gum tu sebab sayang doe nak makan.dahlah mereka guna duit mereka.I just thought that they don't bought it for me b'cause usually they didn't care about me whether i want something or not but today,they surprising me.Thanks a lot,my sister-sister sekalian.bangga aku jadi kakak kau orang.HAHA.byep ;)