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hey nur aqilah najwa bt samlan.15 y/o.student of SMK RAWANG.samlan is my father's name and im his daughter.what im write,im typing is all about my is wonderful if you enjoy it.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

#fact 1.

Life is colourful just like a rainbow.sometimes we sad.sometimes we happy .we must enjoy every moment as long as we still as a children was enjoyable because children didn't know what meant by "problem " .being a girl is better than being a women.Im proud to be myself because im a teenager.I can distinguish between good things and bad things,I can use my brain properly,I can take care of myself but Im still a careless person.sometimes I foget to kiss my mum's cheek before i go to bed and sometimes I forget to asked for forgiveness to someone that i'd hurt them.

Can i ask you 1 question?can i be a kid for only once time.I know it's a stupid question for you .perhaps,one day it will become a reality.being a teenager is the most boring moment in my life because a tenageer always want to try a new things and it will increase their sin if they try a bad things.

Today im insecure,stay at home while lay my body on my totally boredom!today is a rainy day.its make me cool and make me always looking for a already tired sit and seacrh,sit and searching for the toilet again and again.

last night,i got a massage from man and he told me that wan was move out to seremban.aku baru je happy nak ke sekolah kena kacau dengan wan tapi tengok-tengok dia dah so pity of myself.rasa macam kena main  je taw.but,its okey.i know my objective to the school.i go to the scholl to study not suka-suka kena kacau dengan anak orang kan?.

hey,i forget to tell you something that maybe you're not notice it.look at my picture above.see my eyes!its beautiful,right?dont tick yourself lah.cantik katalah cantik.just now,i learnt how to colour our pupil.hahaha.jangan jealous okey.


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